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Since 1946

With our famous Fried Chicken and secret Chili recipe and those wonderful Enchiladas you remember having as a kid, we'll keep you coming back for more!.

Our History

The Circle Grill was originally opened in 1946 by the Evans and Wise families.  In 1999, the Evans family retired and sold to Sam and Kathy Vergos.  Sam and Kathy have recently retired and our new owner is Rebar AlMissouri and his family and business partner Bjar Amedi.

Rebar Al-Missouri hails from Duhok, Kurdistan where he attended University of Salahaddin receiving a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering in 1995.  At that time he began working for the Kurdistan Reconstruction Organization (KRO) in conjunction with the U.S. Army in Northern Iraq rebuilding roads, hospitals, homes and villages.

In 1996, the U.S. government relocated many citizens of Kurdistan and Iraq to the United States. Rebar and his family were among those relocated.  First stop: Andersen Air Force Base, Guam.  For several months almost 7000 Kurdish citizens learned English, learned about American customs and the American way of life.  While on Guam, Rebar served as a volunteer teacher and translator for the Military Information Support Team.  In 1997, he and his family began life anew in Boulder, Colorado! 


In 2006, the U.S. Army came calling again.  This time, Rebar served in North Carolina as a Bilingual/Bicultural Advisor and Recruiter working with U.S. citizens training them as Bilingual Bicultural Advisors being deployed overseas.

Along the way, he found time to get married and now has three beautiful children, two girls and one boy.   After settling his family in North Texas, Rebar was able to at last bring his mother out of Kurdistan to live with his family here.


So how did this guy end up with the Circle Grill?  Well, after 20 years working as an engineer he was ready to make a dream project come true by buying a land and build a hotel .  After eating at the Circle Grill a few times, he felt in love with the place and the location but not to build a hotel but to keep it and be a part of the history of this place knew they’d found what they were looking for!  But what about Sam and Kathy you ask?  Well, Rebar came along at just the right time, and Kathy was ready to retire.  Kathy and Sam are now full time grandparents, and Rebar hope to continue the family traditions started by the Evans Family over 70 years ago!


We hope you’ll welcome Rebar and his family to our family here at the Circle Grill.  Be sure to say hello when you come in and meet Rebar and his sister Suzanna. Suzanna is one of our  Cashiers/Hostesses. 

No worries though!  No changes to the menu, wait-staff or cooks will be made... everything will remain the same Circle Grill that you are used to!

We hope you'll come in and welcome the new additions to our Circle Grill family!


Rebar AlMissouri
The Circle Grill Restaurant
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